Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy

Yesterday after driving back from the Bamboo Forest and finding hidden waterfalls to explore and swim in, a guy from our hostel told us about a local gem, Peahi, also known as Jaws Beach. It’s down an unmarked dirt road, full of potholes and obstacles, which only adds to its mystery and allure. A few minutes into our tricky drive a cherry red, circa 1960s old speedster, comes barreling up the road with dust swirling in its tracks and a guy bumping along on the back. We pull up, wave them down, and ask if we’re on the right path to our secret beach. They assure us we are and that the drive is worth the views. The guy in the back hops off and asks for a ride back down. He wasn’t quite ready to leave this magical site. He jumps in and we’re off. Luckily for my Charleston and LA passengers, they had a backroads Wisconsin girl behind the wheel. Years of dirt roads and field parties prepared me for this very moment. After a few hairy, almost tire popping maneuvers we made it. The views didn’t disappoint.

Jaws gained its savage name from daredevils who’ve tried to ride it’s sometimes 50ft waves. When the waves get this big you can hear them from miles away crashing down and turning over on itself. It’s beautiful and terrifying. The spray of water coming off the crest hits the light just perfectly and a rainbow appears. It’s literally possessing, putting a spell on you to stay and watch just one more beautiful wave.

To add the cherry to the top of this adventure, a couple locals were listening to music, drinking a few beers, and telling surf stories from days long past but still just as vivid from a good storytellers mouth. They offered us a cold one and told us tales of the island and how serendipitous catching a ride with a couple of pretty girls, drinking beer with friendly locals, and enjoying these views is exactly what Maui Magic brings to those who choose to visit or live on the island.

I snapped a picture of their two girls; Alohalani, which is derived from Aloha and means love for one another and the beautiful land they belong to, and Keahi, which means fire. Because she’s beautiful and has fire in her soul. They were wild and beautiful, just like this back road, secret, local hidden spot.